Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Published on: 12/21/2023

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  1. Review of 2023
  2. Plans for 2024
  3. Best wishes for 2024

Review of 2023

Hello and thank you for visiting. It has been an intense year to say the least. I am sure I am not alone feeling this way. 2023 had it's ups and downs but I can't help but be thankful for it..

I have restored some old friendships and made new ones, delivered projects, learned new things. I have also finally realized my long life dream of building my own small cove in the corner of the web where I can share with everyone what I have learned and what I am passionate about.

Not all is roses though. I have been going through tough experiences in my life. Luckily I do have support of my family and loved ones as well as few of my friends. You are amazing and I thank you for that!

If you are new here let's see what happened in these last few weeks since I launched the website:

All in all I published 7 articles (not counting this one) about various topics: from creating a design system with dark mode using Tailwind, through some key features in React to two mini series, one about creating a web scraper and storing the data locally and the other focused on end to end testing with Playwright and detecting and fixing flaky tests.

These do take time to create and next year I'll slow down a bit to create content that will be high quality and useful. I am certain you'll enjoy it.

Plans for 2024

I will slow down the pace of the articles so they can be even better than the mini series I've created and I hope to show you some cool new things that will be available in both CSS and React. There will also be more diversity in the articles as I want to share my experiences with information cataloging and meta-learning principles so you can learn faster about the things you care about.

This will also allow me to work on the website more as there are things that need my attention apart from writing.

Best wishes for 2024

My hope is that you enjoy what I do and it inspires you in work or private projects.

Remember you are valuable as a human regardless of what you do or where you live. We all struggle in one way or another but we will endure and come out stronger. Have a great end of the year and see you in the next one!

PS. next article will be published in mid January.

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