I am a software engineer focused on user experience.

Hey, I’m Sebastian Pieczyński. A React developer and software engineer with more than 12 years experience in IT and software development for manufacturing companies. I focus heavily on lowering friction when using software and making products that closely align with business requirements of my clients.

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React, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML

About me

My passion for creating software started while I was still in primary school but I started creating real products in 2013 and since then i have built applications and products that multiply the value of the businesses.

I enjoy solving problems with clean scalable solutions and I also have a genuine passion for UX design as I find that easy to use products turn people into their best possible versions.

I am a fullstack developer focusing on frontend technologies which include HTML, CSS, Javascript and Typescript, React and others.

Companies I have worked for

ifm ecolink

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